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A video attracts more attention than any other form of media, especially on the web, but you need top-quality material that’s edited with skill, with a sound track and a first-rate voiceover.

A while back I was working on a new site for Piacenza Cashmere, a company founded in 1733, and I thought I’d hit the “age limit” until I was contacted by Piana Clerico … who opened for business in 1582!

The animated menu visible in this post was developed to meet the client’s needs for a sole site, both in form and in substance.

With a title like “You’re in the beauty site” we didn’t have much choice. The result had to be elegant, simple, classic.

I produced an interesting video with my video production partners, which I’d like to talk about, to describe how we made it and the message we wanted to get across.

The title of this post refers to a guide I wrote, Il sito web nella piccola impresa (Websites for Small Businesses), available for free download.

I managed the production of a corporate video for Segway, the American company famous for its electric scooter.

Can you get your message across with a single shot, a fixed camera, without words?

Let’s take a look at my work folders. Man, how time flies and five years seems like an eternity!